House in condominium - 209m²

House in condominium - 209m²

House in condominium - 209m²

House for Sale in Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo Aldea Kaan

House for Sale in Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo Aldea Kaan

Start living now, live in the heart of the Riviera Maya. The best way to secure your investment and enjoy the best beach in the world just 3 minutes from your home.
Located in Puerto Morelos in an exclusive private subdivision, where you can enjoy 3 rooms and/or a study that can also be a room.

The private has:
• Large pool
• Games area.
• Palapa for events.
• Bathrooms in common areas and showers, lounge chairs and furniture already included.
• Pet areas, internal cycle path.
• Clubhouse.
• Gym.
• Zen Park.
• Reading Park.
• 2 terrace for events.

Construction: 209.83m2

Low level :
-Garage for 2 Cars
- Home automation system with intelligent lighting
-Large windows in all rooms and rooms so you always have natural light.
-Semi-covered terrace
-Stay for visits.
-Integral kitchen.
-Panoramic dining room.
-Indoor organic pool that ends in the dining room inside the house.

Second floor:
-Stay which can be TV room and library
-Room with dressing room and full bathroom
-Room with balcony, closet and full bathroom.

Section of $20,000 (refundable, only for 15 days)
30% down payment
50% deferred
20% balance against delivery
*Delivery 10 months after signing promise

-All bank credits except infonavit
-own resource



2 bedrooms

1.5 Bathrooms

1 Parking

Gas Natural

$ 4,989,000.00

  • Gas: Natural
  • Private security: Si
  • Telephone: Si
  • Gym: Si
  • Tank: Si
  • Air conditioning: Si
  • boiler: Si
  • Green areas:Si
  • Heating Si

Sale $4,989,000.00

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Es uno de los destinos favoritos para invertir, ya que cuenta con seguridad, comodidad, certeza jurídica, crecimiento económico y acceso a una mejor calidad de vida. Yucatán es reconocido por ser hogar de grandes industrias locales, nacionales y extranjeras que hacen de su crecimiento económico la columna vertebral de grandes proyectos.

El valor de AKTUM es el crecimiento exponencial de la zona debido al turismo extranjero. Opciones de alquiler de múltiples administradores de propiedades. ROI competitivo en el mercado.

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Cada una de las propiedades cuenta con SpeakHome es un programa gobernado por voz en lenguaje natural que permite manejar todos los elementos de domótica y video vigilancia en la vivienda.

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It is one of the favorite destinations to invest, since it has security, comfort, legal certainty, economic growth and access to a better quality of life. Yucatan is recognized for being home to large local, national and foreign industries that make their economic growth the backbone of large projects.

The value of AKTUM is the exponential growth of the area due to foreign tourism. Rental options from multiple property managers. Competitive ROI in the market.

Mérida "the White City" is distinguished for being a city full of peace, quiet and for its friendly and hospitable people.

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